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360 VR Hawaii

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Our Story

I visited Kauai with my husband and just knew I had found my “home”. I felt like my whole being just
synced into the final slot for my life.
I have two dogs, Bella (Contessa Chubella) a tri colored 13-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Duke an
8-year-old who came into our lives after being literally saved from the needle at a high kill shelter. He
was about 10 months at the time and think he is a deer head chihuahua and besengi mix.
We found out quickly the rental situation on Kauai is scarce at best and near impossible with one dog,
never mind two! We knew we would have to buy a home to bring our fur babies with us.
I used the internet to look up houses and had a friend go and check them out for me. If we thought it
worth it, she would do live video with her phone; but the phone kept dying and we would only get
pieces of the home.
I realized that the ability to move about the house when it worked for me was super important for those
seeking property on an island thousands of miles away. I had to take a week and come over to inspect
the house and meet the realtor when we were about halfway through the buying process. Since I have
been helping realtors with 3D Virtual Tours some have been sold sight unseen – no need to take the
time and spend the airfare when you can clearly see everything about the house and the yard!

I used to be a realtor in northern California, so I understand the needs of the owner/realtor. I have a
good “eye” for what’s out of place and how to fix it.

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